Town of Rab

The entrance to the old part of town opens with St. Christopher’s square with a fountain with two statues: Kalifronta and Draga the shepherd, mythical characters from legends representing chastity and unrequited love. For the greater part the town is still surrounded by large stone walls remaining from the Middle Ages.

Four Romanesque style bell towers dominate the old town. As an ancient Roman settlement Rab was given the status of self-governing town and was proclaimed municipium by the emperor Octavian Augustus in 10 BC or even prior to that according to historical documents.

The town of Rab is a perfect destination for all those who enjoy rediscovering a long cultural and historic legacy. Renaissance and Gothic portals with coats of arms of the nobility of Rab whose descendants are nowadays your hosts and greet you to the island. A beautiful park Komarčar is situated next to the city walls from where extends a promenade along the sea and a beach.You can relax and enjoy in shadows of century-old pine trees, pristine nature, azure sea, air filled with specific Mediterranean scent but still with all the benefits a town can offer.