Walk along lungo mare which spreads from the very end of the Eufemija bay to the centre of the town Palit, the youngest town on the island of Rab. Palit “gives you” the beach of Škver, well known and very popular among local population, as well as the tourists. All along the Škver you have a chance to rent loungers, pedal boats and kayaks. The beach provides a sea entrance, public toilets and showers for people with disabilities. Gastronomers will enjoy a great number of restaurants that offer local delicacies. Those with adventurous spirit will have the opportunity to go on a ride with a Taxi-boat which sails to the peninsula of Frkanj, also known as the island of love where you can find the nudist beach called Kandarola. Kandarola is the perfect place for getting away from the town crowded with tourists. It is the oldest beach on the island where even Edvard VIII, the king of England, swam. After renting a lounger and a sunshade, after a swim with your pet, after a shower in one of the public showers, just take a seat in one of the restaurants and try the gastronomic offer of island.

If you decide to stay in the centre of the town Rab, it is best to rest on the city beach Banova Vila, located close to a coffee shop of the same name. During the day you can have fun playing volleyball or water polo, and at night you can enjoy by the shore listening to live music performed by many virtuosos. This beach is also designed for people with special needs and it contains sea entrance.


Banjol is a lovely part of the island of Rab with its three well known pebbly sandy beaches called Padova. Padova 2 offers a coffee shop and public showers, which makes it ideal for young people. Padova 3 is designed for families with young children because of its camping site with amusement content, rent-a-boats, showers, various shops, restaurants, patisseries, etc. On the very edge of the town, a pebbly beach is located next to the restaurant Banjol whose cuisine will please every gourmet.

Barbat offers several small beaches suitable for sunbathing in couple. You can also walk into the sunset or ride a bike along the 6 kilometres of its promenade, also known as lungo mare. The most popular beach of Barbat is Pudarica, a pebbly beach with a number of types of rocks surrounded with low vegetation and bushes. It is ideal for family vacations, and throughout summer nights attracts young people because of its most popular night club Santos, from which you can hear only latest hits. Beach offers a free parking lot, toilet facilities, coffee bar and a bistro.

In lower Supetarska Draga you can find two small sandy beaches on which you can relax, away from the city hustle and bustle. If you’re feeling the urge for a sea adventure, a sandy beach called Gonar, will offer you rent-a-boats and jet-skis. At the bottom of the motel Zlatni zalaz, on the stone beach of the upper Supetarska Draga, you can experience the true spirit of Mediterranean hospitality. If you desire the sun, sand and silence, you should sail to one of the few little islands located across the Supetarska Draga on which wild beaches and intact nature can be found.

On Kampor beach called Mel you can get by foot or by car, park your car or put off your bike, and then finally set off to an adventure. You will be amazed by the incredible blue color of the sea and the beauty of the isolated sandy beaches in front of the diving center and at the Matrda city. If you get hungry you can choose from various restaurants, if you wish to sip some cocktails just take a walk to the nearest beach or coffee bar, chill on the lounger or play some volleyball.

Lopar, also known as “sandy paradise”, offers several sandy beaches on which every family can relax and find its own piece of summer heaven – starting from Lopar cove with its coffee shops on the beach and outdoor playgrounds for kids, to the nudist beaches with eco public restrooms. In San Marino you can find the most popular beach Paradiso which offers a great number of attractive facilities – coffee shops, beach bars, restaurants, loungers, several shops, superb and affordable shopping area, and even a leisure centre – everything you need in one place. Beach Livačina, surrounded by pine trees, is suitable for young people with its various coffee shops and restaurants. If you go north from the town you will see nudist beaches without any content but with no less attractive environment. Ciganka (Gypsy) is the most beautiful nudist beach that Lopar offers. It features many interesting rock formations, as well as sand pyramids and sandy and rocky plateaus. You can leave your car among the pine trees near the emerald green sea. Not so far from this sea jewel, there is also a dog beach. If you’re longing to be noticed, Rajska plaža (Paradise beach) in Lopar, is the place to be. It stretches for almost two kilometers and offers various tourist facilities – from beach volleyball to water slides, parasailing or beach parties. If you have a pet you can feel free to take them for a walk to the southern part of the beach where you can enjoy swimming together. Rajska plaža was awarded with “Blue Flag” because of the quality of its water, environmental conservation and safety, and it is even listed on the CNN’s list “World’s 100 best beaches”.

Within 30 minutes of walk from Rajska plaža you will find a beautiful sandy beach called Sahara, which is also the most popular nudist beach in Lopar. It is pretty close to the attractive facilities, and far enough if you want to enjoy the absolute peace and silence of the Mediterranean. A little further in a little cove called Pod pećine you can find a beach for pets. There is even an exclusively FKK nudist beach – Stolac beach – hidden in intact nature, it offers absolute privacy while you’re relaxing on stony and sandy ground.