There are a great number of sunken ships and natural reliefs under the sea of Rab, which makes it the perfect place for diving activities. Besides basic training and equipment rental you have the opportunity to sign into an advanced diving school. You can even sign up for an arrangement scuba diving holiday that involves diving trips and vessel services. Rab offers a few diving centers, and your only duty is to be bold and take a turn in one of the underwater adventures of beauty and harmony.

From all the underwater attractions of the island of Rab and or those in Lopar aquatorium, Medova buža particularly stands out. Buža is a natural phenomenon with underwater entrance into three caves that are linked together. Nowadays it is a lure for adventurers like you, but once it was the habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal – according to which the place got its name. It is worth noting that the scope of experienced adventures on this unique place goes all the way from an ordinary exploring of diving locations to the underwater weddings of the genuine devotees of this extreme way of life.