100m from tamaris

Park Komrčar //

since 1890

A vision for future generations


When Rab’s chief forester and tourism worker Pravdoje Belija came up with the visionary idea of reforesting the area that was previously used for cattle grazing back in 1890, he encountered numerous condemnations and disagreements from the city authorities and the citizens themselves.

However, Pravdoje did not persevere in his intention and thus started afforestation on November 2, 1890, and the first seedlings were planted at night precisely because of criticism and disapproval. Afforestation lasted for 15 years and was completed in 1905. Pravdoje died in 1923 and did not live to see Komrčar declared a park-forest in 1965, however, immediately after his death, the people of Rab honored him when they erected his monument at the very entrance to the park in 1924.

Residents of Rab, as well as numerous tourists and visitors, are forever grateful for his vision and unique landscape, which is characterized by the fact that the green area is significantly larger than the city core itself.

The name of the park is still a secret

The name of the Komrčar park comes from the Latin Comercarius or Campus Martius, which means Field of Mars, which in the era of Roman rule denoted the area where military exercises took place. How Komrčar got that name and what the park has to do with the Roman god of war, Mars, is unknown to this day.

A source of inspiration for artists

That Komrčar Park is not only ideal for sports and recreational activities is also evidenced by the large number of artists who sought their inspiration precisely in the shade of this green area. That’s how Dragutin Tadijanović, a Croatian academic and candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature, liked to write his verses not far from the very entrance to the park, on a bench for rest and a stone table that overlooks the nearby Frkanj peninsula.

the symbolism of the reforestation

That Pravdoje Belija is a real visionary and a man born before his time is now clear to everyone, however, the very date when the afforestation of that area began is also interesting – namely, November 2nd is also his birthday ! What Pravdoje wanted to say, whether he symbolically marked afforestation as the new birth of this area, or whether he wanted to make people aware that we are really responsible for the nature around us, remains a secret today.