Nightlife is an absolutely necessary part of every vacation, and it one of the main parts of every tourist resort’s offer. In the summertime Rab comes alive when various numbers of night clubs (eg. San Antonio or Le Journal), discotheques (eg. Grand or Tropicana) and cocktail bars (eg. Sanda or Forum) open their doors. Fun is guaranteed at every turn, and it’s up to you which bar you’ll choose.

Special offering of the island refers to the center of the island – the town of Rab – whose old town, between stone walls, squares and lodges holds various coffee shops, pubs, cocktail bars and night clubs. We would like to highlight Party Club Santos, which is situated outside the town on the most beautiful beach – beach Pudarica.

In the winter, the town of Rab offers various concerts of classical, popular or rock music and vocal singing group (klape) evenings. During the day, Rab becomes like an open gallery thanks to various artists exhibiting their work on the streets.