Leisure centers & sports courts

Lopar offers one of the most attractive entertainment and recreation courts on the island of Rab. Located between a hotel resort, an auto camp and apartments in private accommodation, it offers various facilities such as tennis, table tennis, mini-golf, indoor football or basketball for those looking for sports activities; while billiard, various video game console, trampoline and park places “stand” for those who feel like a child.

During the summer season, tourists are free to enjoy the entertainment programs on beaches which are run by professional and remarkable animators. If you wish to have fun by night you’ll certainly find your “fifteen minutes of fame” at outdoor parties, at which you can find live music concerts every evening.

The island of Rab offers various types of sports courts, including the previously mentioned tennis courts and an indoor football court with artificial turf. Therefore, the island of Rab is the ideal place for recreational and active athletes.