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the pearl of the northern Adriatic

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Once the center of Christianity but a seaport that connected maritime trade flows from the east and the west, the island of Rab got its name from the Illyrian word “Arba”, which means “woody”, “green”, and given the abundance of green areas of pine forests and especially holm oak forests that the name is really not surprising. The Kalifront peninsula with its Dundo forest, which is considered one of the largest holm oak forest communities in Europe, stands out here. When we talk about the island’s natural resources, it is inevitable to mention a large number of beautiful natural beaches and secluded coves, and there are more than 30 sandy beaches, so you often hear about Rab being a true sandy paradise.

The pleasant and mild climate not only made it possible to visit these beaches even outside the summer months, but also helped the island’s inhabitants in the development of numerous plant and animal species, and if we add to that the richness of the Adriatic Sea with fish, you don’t need to hesitate much if you are looking for a unique gastronomic experience and traditional specialties – you can find them just a few minutes’ walk from our accommodation to the old city center.

The old city center has its world-recognizable sight made up of four bell towers that actually represent four different seasons, and their height is also the average air temperature in those same seasons. What is actually the connection between the architecture of that era and the passing of time is evidenced by the fact that the core of the old town is divided into four main streets, Riva, Donja ulica, Srednja ulica and Gornja ulica, and they are “intersected” by 12 smaller alleys that mark 12 months within 4 years era. Also, from 25.7. until 27.7. the area of the old town is the center of the largest medieval cultural manifestation – the Rabska Fjera !

pleasant Mediterranean climate

The Island of Rab is blessed with a pleasant Mediterranean climate characterized by mild winters and warm summers, which greatly influenced the flora and fauna on the island. As many as 2,600 sunny hours a year and an average sea temperature of 25 °C are a guarantee of visiting natural beaches even outside the summer months!

Traditional cuisine rich in flavors

The more than favorable climatic conditions enabled the inhabitants of the island to develop diverse agricultural crops, and the green areas helped feed the livestock. If we add to that the richness of the Adriatic Sea with fish, the island of Rab is the ideal destination to try the indigenous specialties of Mediterranean cuisine!

Rich cultural heritage

The old town center itself is a real cultural monument to the life of the people of Rabl throughout history and at the same time the center of all important activities during the summer months. From our accommodation to the old town, you are a few minutes away from a pleasant walk along the sea along the promenade that stretches under the Komrčar park and the city walls, which was financed by the Austro-Hungarian prince Alois von Liechtenstein at the beginning of the 20th century, enchanted by the beauty of the island of Rab.