Spring and autumn are perfect time for an active vacation. Explore hidden beauties of the island of Rab with your bicycle, drive at a comfortable pace, relax, take a few pictures of scenerie that surrounds you, take a swim in crystal blue sea and proceed further. Beside interesting cycling trails near the sea and the trails through an oak forest, Rab offers an opportunity to try your limits with mountain biking.

If you do not own a bike, you can always rent it at few locations on the island, mostly near the town port – but for now, there is no service option.

We would like to point you out the Premužić trail, which is known as the most beautiful cycling route of the island of Rab. It passes through the most interesting parts of Kalifront and the protected forest Dundo; it’s very informative and some of its trails are leading to the sandy beaches and reefs. It was built around the 1930s by Ante Premužić, an engineer holding a BSc in Forestry and the most famous Croatian architect and constructor of forest roads and mountain-tourist paths.
You can try out the route on the trails along the coast to Barbat city, in a lenght of approx. 7km (4.3. miles); or you can decide to go for a ride all along the most northern part of the island – Lopar and Frugi.