Beaches nerby //

1 minute

Beach “Škver”


The popular pebble beach Škver and the catering facility of the same name are located at the foot of the old town center and Komrčar park. It is recognized as an ideal location for enjoying hot summer days by all visitors who gravitate to the area of the city of Rab and the settlement of Palit, and the beach is just a few steps away from our accommodation!



Natural pebble beach
Nearby piers
Open shower
Sanitary units

9 minutes

“Suha Punta”


When we talk about the most attractive locations on Rab, the Suha Punta peninsula definitely takes the leading places – one of the largest forest communities of pine trees and the wealth of natural beaches make this place ideal for everyone, especially for fans of sports activities !



Pebble and rocky natural beaches
Numerous catering facilities
Sports and recreational facilities
A rich community of dense pine forests
Sanitary facilities and parking

15 minutes



Opposite our accommodation and the old town center of Rab is located, only 500 meters as the crow flies, the wooded Frkanj peninsula. You can get to this real little paradise in a unique and attractive way – by using tourist boat lines !



Sandy and pebble natural beaches
Numerous natural coves
Dense pine forest
Sports and recreational facilities