Mediterranean cuisine is unique in its art-like blending of flavours and tastes for an exquisite dining experience. It has become world-renowned for many of its advantages and is becoming popular in different parts of the world. Olive oil adds to the distinctive taste of the food together with Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, especially garlic and aromatic herbs like rosemary and thyme. There is also seafood including all kinds of fish and crabs and light meat like lamb. Diversity of ingredients, unsaturated fish and olive fats and food lacking in cholesterol are the reasons for which Mediterranean cuisine has gained such a popularity. A glass of fine wine after a meal is also recommendable. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the Alzheimer’s disease and different kinds of cancer; it is believed that ingredients in this kind of cooking, especially olive oil, are a major contributor to the longevity and healthy life.

Exquisite meat and fish specialities are offered in the beautifully furnished a la carte restaurant “Tamaris”. You may choose to pleasantly spend the rest of the evening by the aperitif bar within the restaurant enjoying choice wines and exotic cocktails. Relax on the wonderful terrace, right beside the seaside promenade, wining and dining while enjoying in fantastic views to the sea.